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Model Photography…

What does it take to get into modeling?  Have you ever asked yourself this question?  For yourself or for your children?  You need the desire first, ok, check.  Then you need to start off with a really good head shot or portfolio of images.  Most agencies now are looking for a digital file that is […]

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Dancing Kristina…

Dancing girl

With all the model, fashion and glamour type of images I am doing, I tried out this new look out on a beautiful young girl this past week.  The trick is to use the right shutter speed and  aperture combination to get a crisp face and a flowing skirt.  The large image on the top […]

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Choice Clearwater beaches…

One of my clients recently booked a portrait session on the beach and let me know she was coming from out of town.  The beach that was closest to her vacation condo was not as “portrait worthy” as one that she would have to travel a bit to get to.  Since she was from out […]

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So, this is like a real…

Yep, that’s what she said.  “So, this is like a real studio?’  I practically finished her sentence for her.  So many of my new clients are pleasantly surprised.  They kind of blurt out the phrase and then get a little apologetic for it.  No need.  Many “photographers” are now only on location and can only […]

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Contemporary Portraiture

Contemporary…fresh, clean, emotional… showing a subject’s personality in a simple and powerful way.  That’s how I describe contemporary portraiture.  Take a look at these images I took of two young ladies.  Twins, identical, yet distinctly different in personality and behavior.  The look in their eyes is fresh and clean and directs the viewer’s eye directly […]

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