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Contemporary Head Shot and Senior Portraits-Why go Pro?

Fashion cropping for Senior Portraits and Headshots – Kathleen Hall Photography Palm Harbor Senior Photographer

Off with their heads!!

Occasionally I get asked about the top of a head in an image and why is it missing?  If you look at the current media, television, movies and magazines, the trend has gone toward cropping into the head in a portrait.  Think about this the next time you view a show.  It is so prevalent that I imagine you never even noticed it.  Not like what they did 20 years ago.  Think back on the portraits on your walls and school portraits.  OK, they look “normal”.  Or do they? Why has the trend gone toward this more “extreme” trend?  Yes, its different and contemporary, but more importantly it has a great deal more impact!  The “rule of thirds” applies in these portraits as well as most artistic works.  The strongest point of impact usually is placed at one of the four connecting points or at least on one of the lines.  Take a look at the images below and you will easily see what I mean. 


As your portrait professional, it is my job to give you the finest piece of art you can get and that applies to senior portraits, business headshots, family photos, wedding photography, etc.  Cropping is just one of the tools that I use.  I can’t really use this rule when photographing groups or even when I create a full length image; it just doesn’t work.  But it does work very well with individuals in a closeup or even a 3/4 length portrait.  Especially in seniors and in contemporary headshots or actor’s headshots.  The emphasis goes right to the eyes and the impact on the connection with the viewer is intesified.

I learned early on that you first need to learn the rules and then know when to break them, or apply them.  This can be said about any creative endeavor.  Whether it be a musician, an oil painter or a photographer, the really creative people that make an impact on our lives take and use the rules to create stunning pieces of art for you.

So when you see your head cut off, now you know why!!

Yeah, I did it on purpose!

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