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mother's day photo

This is my mom…

Mom and I As Mother’s Day approaches I am reminded of my mom.  I miss her.  A mom loves you and knows you like no other person on earth.  My mom has passed on and I think of her almost every day.  She had a great sense of humor and was a quiet soul, quite gentle.  This image was taken about a month before she passed away.  I went out to Utah to visit her in the nursing home she was in and surprised her and took her away  to a hotel for about a week.  We just holed up in there and looked out the big picture window at the snow covered mountains (it was January).  She wasn’t very mobile, so I just brought food in and talked and watched cable TV and looked at stuff on my laptop.  I did take her to a nature preserve to see the birds, which she loved all her life.  I pushed her wheelchair around the boardwalk and had to hurry a bit as it started to rain.  But she said she didn’t care, she hadn’t felt rain in quite a long time.  We passed an ice cream store on the way back and it had a sign up for fresh peach ice cream milkshakes.  I just happened to ask her if she wanted one and she surprised me by saying yes.  Her appetite had gotten quite poor.  We sat at the drive in and had peach milkshakes together!  Besides remembering my mom what is this about?  Well this picture is the one picture that I have with just her and I.  Yep.  Just one.  When I was small, she was taking all the pictures.  When I grew up, I was the one taking pictures.  So we kinda never got in one together by ourselves.  I have one family one when I was about 5 with everyone, but not just my mom.  So when I was out there, we both had the thought that my goodness, we don’t have a picture together!  So I sat the camera up on the a suitcase on top of the bed, and put in on auto and ran over beside Mom.  She died less than a month later.  So, as Mother’s Day approaches, please remember your mom and remember to get a special picture of just her and you.  And if you have a daughter or son, please take an image with each one of them with  just you from time to time.  You will never regret it.

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