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October Mini Sessions…

 You kindly completed my survey and you asked repeatedly for more cost effective sessions.  And you wanted to be on location!  So here are my October offerings for you…

Urban Mini Sessions

October 14 and 15th (Pinellas County Schools are out on Friday)

Downtown Dunedin, 1/2 hour session, includes 1 8×10, 2 5×7 and 24 Holiday cards!  Only $199.00!  Bring the entire family or just the kids.  We will focus on one location and great urban portraits!  Dress very casual in white and jeans or do something more modern and colorful and urban.  Funky shoes, colorful scarves, hats, loose ties for the guys…call me and we can discuss ideas!  Call right away to reserve your time!

 October 28th and 29th

Fort DeSoto Beach sessions

This fabulous park in Pinellas County has one of the best beaches in the country.  We will be doing mini sessions here as well on these two days.  Yes, the same pricing applies!  Only $199.00 for the mini session with 1 8×10, 2 5×7’s and 24 Holiday cards!  Reserve the best times and days for you by calling today!

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I really hate to have my picture made…{Palm Harbor Headshot Photographer}

Did you ever hear someone say that?  Say it yourself?  Well, it is not uncommon.  I have been in this business for over 20 years and hear it a lot from adults.  I also hear “that’s the best picture I have ever seen of myself”  a lot, after we finish a session!  Do you wonder why many people have the attitude that pictures of themselves are awful?  What is the last image you have of yourself?  Was it just an awful candid someone took at a wedding of you with your mouth full of food?  The lighting was bad, there was no forethought to posing or getting you at your best, just a grab shot.  We remember those images!  I have one recently taken of me at a convention by a “supposedly professional photographer”  where I have my mouth wide open, my posture is terrible, and I am in the middle of a gesture while I was talking to help illustrate my point, I imagine.  I was tagged in it by a friend? and I promptly untagged myself!  UGGGH!  I photographed three lovely ladies last week for professional business portraits of themselves and they were apprehensive when they came in.  Because of unsuccessful photographic attempts of themselves in the past, they were nervous.  What you see when you look in the mirror and what many people capture on pictures, is not the same!  So, you hate to have your portrait made.  My mom used to close her eyes, almost on purpose, as if to say “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!”  Industry studies have shown that the stress level  for an adult to have their portrait made is close to the stress level of going to a dentist!  But it comes down to choosing the right photographer and having trust that they will capture the very best for you.  Here are the three ladies and my preliminary picks for them.  Enjoy!

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One Happy Family…(Palm Harbor Portrait Photographer)

Palm Harbor family portraits I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Benton Family.  It was mom and dad’s 5oth anniversary and what they wanted was a great family portrait!  Now, when Linda came in, she said she didn’t want any of that “normal” family posing…  they were a fun family!  And she wasn’t kidding!  Take a peek at their choice for their extended family pick!

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Black and White and Children…{Palm Harbor Photography}

I just love the pure emotion that comes through with black and white images.  The photography part is kind of melted away and you are left with pure art.  The expressions on people come through without the distraction of the color surrounding them.  Little “P” came in last week and besides the color studies we did of him, I took a few with the intention of turning them black and white.  He is a very happy child, so many of them brought out his silly side.  But then we got a very serious one and I love that too!  Compare the high key (mostly white) and the low key (mostly black) and see what kind of a difference that makes in how you perceive the images and what emotions that brings out in you.  Enjoy!


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A blast from the past…{Palm Harbor Children’s Photographer}

Lauren’s mom asked to post these on her new facebook page and I had to go through files to find them.  These were taken in 2004 and she is now 13!  I had forgotten how lovely they were and really timeless.  I can’t wait to see her the next time!  She must be even more beautiful by now!

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