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High School Senior Spokesmodels for 2014/2015

2014/2015 High School Senior Rep Program

We are looking for super-fun 2014/2015 seniors who want to be part of our Senior Spokesmodel Program. In exchange for your help promoting Kathleen Hall Photography  (KHP), Salon Bella Flora and Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique to your friends, you’ll receive lots of perks!

What’s this all about?

In order to be a Senior Spokesmodel you must be:

  • A junior or senior graduating in 2014 or 2015
  • Like having your photograph taken and have a fun sense of personal style
  • Live in and attend school in Pinellas, Pasco or Hillsborough County
  • Agree to promote our businesses to your friends, family and classmates
  • Represent ONLY KHP for your Senior Portraits and use the images from your session as your senior photos
  • Return a contract/model release signed by you and your parent/guardian.

Every Senior Spokesmodel chosen will receive:

1) FREE studio mini model session (must be completed in February 2014) This is a chance to get your model images for the rep cards that you will hand out to friends.

2) FREE family photo session (must be completed by Graduation 2014 for 2014 seniors)  Last chance for mom and dad to get a  great family portrait before you go off to college! (minimum family purchase applies)

3) 1/2 OFF Full Senior Session of your choice (must be completed by Graduation 2014 for 2014 seniors or by August 15th for 2015 Seniors) (minimum senior purchase applies)

4) Personalized Designer Model Rep cards to give out to friends

5) Digital images to be used on Facebook

6) CASH incentives for referrals to KHP (referrals need to book a regular session and place a minimum   order before cash incentives are paid out)

6) Discounts applied toward your prom dress for referrals from Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique

7) 30% off all TIGI makeup at Salon Bella Flora and 50% off makeup application with purchased hair styling on the same day (Great for Prom!!)

8) The potential to be feature on our BLOG, WEBSITE, on our WALLS  and in our printed marketing materials!

 9) The opportunity to participate in fun styled fashion shoots throughout the year!  We will pick a number of Spokesmodels to be featured in our styled events held 6 times throughout the year.

10) Participate in Spokesmodel invitation only events!

Do I need to be a “model” to participate?

No, we are looking for girls (and guys) that are outgoing, fun, comfortable in front of the camera and able to spread the word about their experience with our businesses.  We are more focused on “role model” than “fashion model”.

 I really don’t know how to “model”…will you help me?

Sure!  I will help you pose and move so that your best features will stand out!  You will look gorgeous!

What’s this about CASH for referrals?

You’ll earn CASH for each referral you send to Kathleen Hall Photography. For every one of those referral cards that comes back to me by another senior with a paid portrait session and minimum order you get the following in cash

  • Referral 1 to 5 – $ 25.00
  • Referral 6 to 9 – $ 40.00
  • Referral #10      $ 60.00


We only accept a limited amount of reps from each area. The application deadline is February 28, 2013 and you must have your free mini fashion session by March 31, 2014.  You are getting a free, fun, edgy, personalized, custom photography session and have the opportunity to earn cash that can be applied towards your official, full senior portrait session!

Selection is based on ability, excitement and willingness to wholeheartedly help to recruit other seniors and friends at your school as well as from other schools who you know from other activities through school, work and church.

Does it cost anything to be a Senior Spokesmodel?

There is no fee to be a senior spokesmodel.  Bottom line, you will be paying for your senior portraits just as any other client would. But, our Senior Spokesmodels are our very special clients, with perks! You will get half off your Senior session fee, which can save you up to $100 right there!  As with all clients, the minimum purchase required is $495

Do I need to get my parents approval?

Yes.  Absolutely.  No exceptions. 

Before you can become an official Senior Spokesmodel, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian. Once you’ve filled out the application and if you are selected as a representative, an in person consultation with at least one of your parents or guardians is mandatory! We know how important it is for your folks to know what you’ll be getting for participating, what is expected of you, and that you are all generally on the same page. Informed parents are happy parents!

What this is not…

This is not just a chance to get free photo shoots and free pictures.  We want you to have fun and look fabulous, be part of our team and enjoy your experience.  We will also be putting a lot of work into this and want to be sure you understand that your senior portraits are not free.

Ok, I’m in!  What’s next?

1)       Like our Facebook pages

2)      Follow us on Instagram:

*   #khallphotography

*  #NikkisGlitzandGlamBoutique

*  #SalonBellaFlora

3)      Fill out the application here

We are excited to hear from you and have you be part of our team this year!!


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Let there be space…Palm Harbor Photographer

It’s really the space between the notes that makes the music you enjoy so much.  Without the spaces, all you would have is one continuous noisy note.  Dr. Wayne Dyer

I really enjoyed this quote and it got me to thinking about all aspects of art.  All images gain impact and composition from great use of space surrounding the subject.  Take a look at the family photo below, taken at Cobbs Landing in Palm Harbor, Fl and you can see how the use of space around the subjects give them a sense of privacy and establish the size and relative viewing distance for the the viewer.   If I had zoomed in on the boys and lost the space surrounding them, the image would have lost much of its impact.  I just loved this image taken of Ethan and Ben last week.  The color and the light in this area spoke volumes around the boys as they were doing an activity that was everyday and common for them.  The bond that has been  established by this memory of days spent fishing will be one that is never broken.  I love it when we can incorporate a favorite activity into our portrait session that adds meaning to the final image.     

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What should I wear?…Palm Harbor Beach Photographer

I hear this question all the time.  I like to tell my photography clients to coordinate their outfits to each other and to their surroundings.  If you are having beach photos created, as in the portraits below, outfits should look similar.  This doesn’t mean you have to match exactly.  If the colors are similar, then the attention will go straight to the faces instead of the clothing.  You are, after all, having a portrait created of your family, not necessarily your clothing.  The clothes should represent who you are at this time with style and color choices and should be appropriate to the location.  A more urban look might be a little or a lot dressier.  A studio choice could be very dressy or very casual.  We want the family photographs to show your personality.  You might also consider where the finished photograph will be displayed.  If the room is very formal, will a very casual portrait look good their?  Will it look out of place?  Choose wisely to have the colors and style complement you, your family and your surroundings.  The DelDuca family did a great job with just a pop of color on mom to add interest.  And we got blessed with BEAUTIFUL skies that night!

I have pulled some color combinations out of the images to help you get an idea of some other colors that may have worked as well in these situations.  When you pick out your family’s clothes for their photographs, throw all the clothes on the bed together and see if anything looks out of place.  Trust your eye, you will know what you like!  If you are hesitant at all, please just give me a call and I can help guide you in your choices.  I have been doing this for over 20 years with many happy clients.  Let me help make your family photo an heirloom to treasure.  Check out my portfolio on my website to get more inspiration.

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Take better vacation photos…Palm Harbor Photographer

How to take better vacation photos?  Plan a better vacation.

Has anyone seen this ad?  It might be by American Express or some travel company, not sure.  But be that as it may, this really is not true.  Remember to focus on the details.  Plan your shots and decide what is really important to you.  Think about:

·         the time of day,

·         the composition,

·         the rule of thirds (think tic-tac-toe box and place the center of interest in one of the x’s)

·         the repetition or patterns in an image.  

Take these four things into consideration and you will automatically get better images.  If you take a photo of your kid canoeing on the lake and take it from the shore, it will be a shot of the day.  If you take a close up shot of your child’s tiny hand trying hard to grip the paddle, the sweaty hair down the back of his neck or him leaning over just draping his hand in the water, those will be moments to remember.  The Eiffel tower could not have more meaning to you and your family in the years to come.  I have included some images from a inexpensive three day cruise vacation taken years ago on Carnival Cruise lines.  I loved all the different light and the architecture that you can only find aboard ship and created these images for a memory of our time on board. Enjoy.  And remember to THINK about what you are taking images of before you click the shutter!

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How do you feel…? Kathleen Hall Photography Palm Harbor Fl

I find that, as humans, we value photographs because of the way they make us feel. The stronger the feeling, the more we value the photograph.

Jesh de Rox

When I read this quote by Jesh, (yes, that is his name and correct spelling), I began to think about the photographs in my life and the photographs that I had created.  I found that the ones that stood out are the ones that brought back feelings and memories to my life.  Whether it was remembering a great event or wonderful friends or clients or  “friendclients” (new word, made it up, haha!),  they all touched a place in my heart.  Photos that made me feel good about myself and how I looked also made the list.  Photos that made me laugh or reminisce also came instantly to mind.   Even the ones that were memories of awful news stories, they made me feel. And I realized Jexh had summed it up in two sentences.

When I photograph, I love to create  photographs that will make you feel something.  I have included a few of my favorites below.

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