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Kathleen Hall Photography - Page 9

Expressive hands…

I just love what hands can say within a portrait.  If the hands are all by themselves, like the first image below, you can tell a full story of the 4 generations represented here of all these wonderful women and women to be…Grandma, Mom, daughters, granddaughter and great-grand daughter.  Then you have all seen the ring photographs of the bride and groom where it tells the story of their new life beginning together and what the rings symbolize.  There are other types of images, like the full image of a group where the family members are all touching each other in a very loving, relaxed way.  And the daddy holding his newborn son, the size of the dad’s hands so protective and just a peek of the newborn’s tiny hands   One of my new favorites is of this image below of a young girl.  The pose, the touch of makeup and the expression all speak of a budding teenager, but not quite.  The soft child like hands tell that this young woman has a little while to go before she truly enters the next stage of her life.  Some of my favorite images.


Baby portrait Hands of a 3 generation portrait Portrait of a family portrait of a teenager

Model Photography…

What does it take to get into modeling?  Have you ever asked yourself this question?  For yourself or for your children?  You need the desire first, ok, check.  Then you need to start off with a really good head shot or portfolio of images.  Most agencies now are looking for a digital file that is uploaded to them which they can keep on file for reference.

I will be having a modeling week special August 20-24 this year and the next one will not be until January 2013.  These are for all ages, (babies need to be sitting up) and will focus on you with a minimum of props.  A clean, contemporary style is what the agencies will want with only one person per session.  These sessions are at the reduced price of only $50.00 with digital only packages starting at $195.00.  If you have ever thought of going into modeling, or just need some really great images of yourself or your child, please call to set up an appointment during this week.  This is a deal too good to pass up!


child modeling images

Beach Buttercups…

Beach Buttercups Ok, so I do know that all the pretty little yellow flowers that you occasionally see at the beach are NOT buttercups!  But it does sound better, doesn’t it?  These two cousins came down to the beach with their families to spend some time together.  The older girl comes from out of state and the younger one lives here locally.  The two families and the grandparents all were spending time at a condo on  Treasure Island and chose to have me create beach portraits for them.  Of course we did some of the entire family together, but they also wanted a special one of the two cousins together.  The older one was so sweet to her two old cousin and did everything she could to help her cooperate.  This image tells the story of discovery and sharing between the two.  Personally I feel that this would make a great art piece in a 20×40 on the wall in the grandparents house as a memory of the week spent down here together.  Just a lovely feeling is evoked by this image.  And even though yellow is not something that I usually recommend for a beach portrait, it just works so well with the beautiful blue – green color of the water to offset the yellow.  Good choice of dresses!  Call me today to schedule a beach portrait of your little flowers!

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Dancing Kristina…

With all the model, fashion and glamour type of images I am doing, I tried out this new look out on a beautiful young girl this past week.  The trick is to use the right shutter speed and  aperture combination to get a crisp face and a flowing skirt.  The large image on the top is the one I love to have a “stand alone” image of.  The face is tranquil and lovely and then there is so much movement in the skirt and the scarf. It just tells volumes about the girl becoming a young women.  She seems so at peace and confident in who she is becoming.  I also love the series, it tells a story of fun and excitement at this session!  I have decided to make this storyboard a new product line available in a 10×20 to take advantage of several different images that my clients might like to have together.  Dancing girl

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Choice Clearwater beaches…

Clearwater Beach Family Photo One of my clients recently booked a portrait session on the beach and let me know she was coming from out of town.  The beach that was closest to her vacation condo was not as “portrait worthy” as one that she would have to travel a bit to get to.  Since she was from out of town with some younger children, I happily emailed her some beach suggestions in town so that she could visit these on her other vacation days. I’ve included it here for your information as well.

Fred Howard Park (Tarpon Springs) – Nice wooded area for picnicking and a beach that I would rate about a 7.

Sunset Beach (Tarpon Springs)  Very small beach, not crowded, lots of shall

ow areas for wading and a playground there as well.  The beach?  Well, really a 2 or 3, but last week I saw two dolphins swimming only about 50 feet offshore!

Honeymoon Island – State Park in Dunedin – pay to get in, nice area, bird watching and shelling, beach can be quite rocky.

Clearwater beach  – very pretty, more crowded, lots of tourist things, shops etc., if you want to do that. 20 to 30 minutes to get there from the Palm Harbor area.  Clearwater marine aquarium, with the dolphin Winter – they just made a movie about him.   Beach -8-9

City of St. Petersburg Municipal Beach at Treasure Island, 112th St and Gulf Blvd.  Beautiful beach!  This would be at least a 9, maybe a 10!  It doesn’t look like much from the parking lot, but just go beyond the fence and WOW!  Drawback – restrooms only open 10:00 till 4:00,  why, I do not know!  Refreshment area and play area for the kids.

Ft. De Soto Park – absolutely beautiful.  About 1 hour drive south from the Palm Harbor area; take U.S. 19 south, follow the signs.  Takes a while to get there, but voted one of the top ten beaches in the U.S.  Dolphins, sand dollars, wide sandy beaches, fishing pier, picnic areas and usually not crowded at all because it is so large.  Yes, the beach really is a 10!

The portrait above are from the Treasure Island beach.  This family was staying at a large, very nice hotel on St. Pete Beach that was very crowded, due to a convention.  The beach was very nice, but way too busy for a lovely family portrait.  Treasure Island beach was only a few minutes drive for them and they were quite happy to make the short drive.  The final results are fabulous!


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