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Plan better vacation photos

Take better vacation photos…Palm Harbor Photographer

How to take better vacation photos?  Plan a better vacation.

Has anyone seen this ad?  It might be by American Express or some travel company, not sure.  But be that as it may, this really is not true.  Remember to focus on the details.  Plan your shots and decide what is really important to you.  Think about:

·         the time of day,

·         the composition,

·         the rule of thirds (think tic-tac-toe box and place the center of interest in one of the x’s)

·         the repetition or patterns in an image.  

Take these four things into consideration and you will automatically get better images.  If you take a photo of your kid canoeing on the lake and take it from the shore, it will be a shot of the day.  If you take a close up shot of your child’s tiny hand trying hard to grip the paddle, the sweaty hair down the back of his neck or him leaning over just draping his hand in the water, those will be moments to remember.  The Eiffel tower could not have more meaning to you and your family in the years to come.  I have included some images from a inexpensive three day cruise vacation taken years ago on Carnival Cruise lines.  I loved all the different light and the architecture that you can only find aboard ship and created these images for a memory of our time on board. Enjoy.  And remember to THINK about what you are taking images of before you click the shutter!

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