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Kathleen Hall Photography

What should I wear for my headshot?

This is a question that I get ALL the time.  I usually answer it with another question or two…

First, what do you do and who is your market?  Business headshots are first and foremost to sell your services to the customer.  If you are an artist or author or stylist, you will have a different look than a financial advisor or lawyer.

So first tell me what you do and then tell me what your market is.  If your business clientele consists mostly of conservative 50 to 70 year olds you will dress differently than if you cater to 20 to 30 year olds.

Then tell me what colors look best on you.  If there are no corporate guidelines that you need to follow regarding colors or style, you want to wear something that you feel comfortable in and that makes you shine.

Joe came in about a year ago and had his first headshot done for his new job as a realtor.  I praised him on his bold use of color and style.  He then came in a little while ago and changed everything up.  Even though this new image is not really his style, he recognized that his clientele were more conservative and he needed a new look just for them.

He looks good in both, but they are quite different for different markets.

Headshots of a man

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Working together to create your brand…

When Georgette of Georgette’s Skin Therapy contacted me about working with her to design her new website, I was delighted to work with her.  We sat down in her studio in Tarpon Springs and worked out a plan for her brand.  She already had her business cards printed and was working with a web designer on the layout.  We chose her color scheme from her colors at her studio and from her business card.  Besides photographing her working with a client at that location, we also decided to incorporate some beach side images to really kick it up a notch.  Clothing choices and design ideas just flowed between us and it really shows in the end results!  I do so love when a plan comes together! Images for a new website for skin therapy Although business portraits and corporate headshots are a large part of my business, I also do a lot of editorial work for businesses and websites.  Talk to me about your vision and see what we can make of it together!  727-787-9655

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Veteran’s Headshots…


Corporate Headshot of a man by Kathleen Hall Photography These 2 gentlemen came to me a while back and I thought of them recently as Pearl Harbor Day approaches this weekend.

They came in because they were starting a business together.  They already had it up and running, but were in the process of defining their website and wanted to have faces to put with their company.  Both are ex-military and have started a business helping to show individuals and companies the best way to protect themselves and their companies.  Headshot of a man by Kathleen Hall PhotographyAs we sat down to review the images on the in studio monitor, the one guy said, “what about my scar?”  I said, “what scar?”  You see, when a person comes into be photographed, I always assess facial features, body movements and make sure to catch any odd blemish that may have come up at the last minute.  (only happens when you are doing something important, right?)  So, when a person has a scar, I notice it, then dismiss it.  It is part of the person.  Unless they cut themselves shaving that morning, I never really notice it again, because it is usually something that is just a part of that person.  So after he asked, I showed him what we could do with retouching, and yes, we could remove it completely, but I suggested not to do that.  If someone saw the scar when meeting him and had not seen it on the images on the website, it would immediately be a topic of conversation, like he had just gotten it.  But it is in reality a battle scar.  And he told me the story.  He was in the …ahem…porta-potty, when a missile strike came in.  His helmet was off as he came out and he couldn’t put it on fast enough.  You see, apparently, when a mortar comes in, by the time you hear it, it’s too late.  It hit right near him and a piece of shrapnel partially sheared off his scalp.  His buddies later said it was as if he had been scalped like in an old western. With blood dripping down his face, he went to the medics and they slapped the flap back on and did a real quick wrapping of his head to keep it in place.  They checked his ears to see if they were leaking fluid – this signals a concussion? and no fluid.  So he slapped back on his helmet over the wound and ran to the truck with his buddies and took his position.  He heard someone saying “all the wounded get down”, and when he didn’t respond, they told him “that’s you!”.  After getting out of the thick of things, and getting to  where he could get real medical attention, they stapled the skin back on!

Since I have never been in the military and not having any real close friends or family that had been in the military seeing action, (my dad served in the Army for two years stateside and my uncle served in the Navy during peacetime) it was a real eye opener for me.  I have nothing but respect for these young men and women who literally sacrifice their lives, their time and all the comforts of home to give me and those around me the freedom to live as I do.  So, today, I say thank you.  I cannot say it enough or with enough energy to convey my gratitude.  So…thank you.  Whether you have visible scars or invisible scars, thank you for making the sacrifice.  Thank you for enduring the mud, and the dirt, and the heat and the cold and the hours of boredom and the hours of battle.  I cannot comprehend what a toll this takes.  Thank you.

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When your headshot is REALLY important…

Sally came in last week in need of a head shot.  A REALLY good headshot…she is getting a REALLY cool award from her company, AutoTrader.  She will be receiving this award on stage and her corporate portrait is going to be on the jumbotron while the presentation is being made!  So, you can see why she may have been a little nervous!  But she came in and chose to have her hair and makeup professionally done by one of my stylists before her portrait session.  We had plenty of time for her to change her outfits and she gave me great smiles and expressions. I think she will be proud to have any one of these up on the big screen!

Corporate headshots and executive portraits

ALL headshots are really important because they represent you and your brand.  If you are freshening up your website, rebranding yourself or your company or even getting an award, please have a new headshot created to help your image shine.  …I know a good photographer…:)

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Fashion cropping for Senior Portraits and Headshots – Kathleen Hall Photography Palm Harbor Senior Photographer

Off with their heads!!

Occasionally I get asked about the top of a head in an image and why is it missing?  If you look at the current media, television, movies and magazines, the trend has gone toward cropping into the head in a portrait.  Think about this the next time you view a show.  It is so prevalent that I imagine you never even noticed it.  Not like what they did 20 years ago.  Think back on the portraits on your walls and school portraits.  OK, they look “normal”.  Or do they? Why has the trend gone toward this more “extreme” trend?  Yes, its different and contemporary, but more importantly it has a great deal more impact!  The “rule of thirds” applies in these portraits as well as most artistic works.  The strongest point of impact usually is placed at one of the four connecting points or at least on one of the lines.  Take a look at the images below and you will easily see what I mean. 


As your portrait professional, it is my job to give you the finest piece of art you can get and that applies to senior portraits, business headshots, family photos, wedding photography, etc.  Cropping is just one of the tools that I use.  I can’t really use this rule when photographing groups or even when I create a full length image; it just doesn’t work.  But it does work very well with individuals in a closeup or even a 3/4 length portrait.  Especially in seniors and in contemporary headshots or actor’s headshots.  The emphasis goes right to the eyes and the impact on the connection with the viewer is intesified.

I learned early on that you first need to learn the rules and then know when to break them, or apply them.  This can be said about any creative endeavor.  Whether it be a musician, an oil painter or a photographer, the really creative people that make an impact on our lives take and use the rules to create stunning pieces of art for you.

So when you see your head cut off, now you know why!!

Yeah, I did it on purpose!

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