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Kathleen Hall Photography - Page 2

High School Senior Photos…Kathleen Hall Photography

Prom is coming up FAST and we thought about all the things that go into prom and thought we would do a little video for you!  Prom is great, but the whole preparation thing is very cool too!  You get to pick out a dress, figure out a hair style, plan on makeup and where you are going to get it done and a whole bunch of other things!

Julie is one of our spokesmodels and she volunteered to let us come along while she had a trial run with her hair and makeup at Salon Bella Flora and went dress shopping at Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique.  Well, we went a little farther and had her pose for photographs in her three top choice gowns and three different hair styles!  You, yes YOU, are going to help her decide!  We will post on Facebook the three different hair styles and the three different dresses and you get to vote!  ( I have my favorite, but I’m not telling!) Take a look at the video below to see the whole process!

Now Julie’s top three choices were these three:  The first one was designed by La Femme in aquamarine blue with a beautifully beaded bodice and an open back.  This looked amazing on Julie and even though it is quite elegant, it gave a softer look to Julie. Kathleen Hall Photography

The second one is a white strapless design with a sweetheart neckline.  The bodice is adorned with gold lace and beads.  It has an open back with a beautiful flowing skirt, great to dance in! The designer on this one is Night Moves. Kathleen Hall Photography

And lastly, there is the beautiful gray (who knew gray could be so elegant!), formal with a sweetheart neckline and mermaid style with tulle at the bottom.  Just gorgeous!!It has gold sequins with gun metal and aura borealis stones mixed in.  This one give a whole new meaning to elegance! This is designed by Alyce, in their Black Label line.  All of these can be found at Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique in Palm Harbor.  Kathleen Hall Photography

And then there is a hair style to decide on.  True, the gown somewhat dictates the hair style but Julie experimented with three, with the help of Flora, Tina and Katherine at Salon Bella Flora. 

She has a choice of a very elegant and fashion forward bun, designed by Tina; a beautiful “messy” updo, styled by Flora, or long soft curls by Katherine   She looks great in all three, but which will she choose?!

I had a great time working with everyone last week!  Check on my Facebook page for the opportunity to place your vote and help Julie decide!

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Tarpon Springs High School Senior…Kathleen Hall Photography

Working with Christina on her full senior session was a breeze!  That’s when I asked her if she wanted to be a spokesmodel for the studio for 2014.  She did the Valentine session with me several weeks ago and I wanted to highlight her full personal senior photo session today.

This is what she had to say about her first experience with me, “I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.  I had a lot of fun!  The best part was switching poses and outfits.  I decided on my outfits because they were my favorite ones and they were very elegant.  Kathleen was amazing to work with!  She made it so fun!” Tarpon Springs High School Senior 2014

Let me tell you a little about Christina.  She’s 17, loves shopping and being with her friends.  I can just tell by her personality that she would be a very good friend to have.  Her favorite color is gold, (that’s a first for me!), her favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars, and the theme song to her life is XO-Beyonce. Her favorite reading materials is …mysteries!  (mine too!)


When asked about the one thing she couldn’t live without, she responded immediately with “my family”. And the role model question was answered with, “my mom 🙂“!  What a nice response!  Favorite place to shop was bebe, and her snack food of choice is Pringles/M&M’s.  (Now is that together? or just couldn’t decide between the two?…hmmmm)  Tarpon Springs High School Senior

Clothing choices say so much about a person.  Sometimes I coach a client to get a certain look if we are doing a styled concept shoot, like we did for Valentines Day.  But when a senior comes to get her full session, I always encourage them to wear clothes and jewelry that is important to them.  I want to make sure that there personality comes out in their final portraits.  (I just love the gold jewelry she has on with her dress!  Very classy!)

When asked about her clothing choices today she said,” One of my outfits was my Tarpon High shirt to represent my school.  The other was a black lace dress from bebe, with gold jewelry.  Lastly, I wore a black shirt with pants that were black in the back and white in the front.  The whole outfit was purchased from bebe!


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Beauty from within…and a little help from our stylists! Palm Harbor Senior Photographer

The beautiful Kelsey went to my favorite salon, Salon Bella Flora, last week to have her hair and makeup professionally done by the stylists there.  You saw her images on the last post, but here is one more just to refresh.

High School Senior Photos by Kathleen Hall Photography

Tarpon Springs High School Senior Valentine photo session with Kathleen Hall Photography

It is so important for my high school seniors to take advantage of a team of professional stylists and makeup artists to enhance and finish off their look.  The look and polish that they can give is important to the final images and anytime that you are having a special occasion.  Not to mention, it makes you feel like a princess!!

I wanted to highlight the stylists and makeup artist at my favorite salon, Salon Bella Flora. They work with me frequently and provide just the right looks to polish up the photos I create.

Salon Bella Flora

“Hi, my name is Corban and I am absolutely passionate about anything that has to do with beauty!  I love sun bathing, playing sports, and I have a slight addiction for coffee creamer! 

As a young girl, I was religiously caught covered in my mother’s makeup and now, as a woman, not much has changed ! There is nothing more rewarding  to me than transforming a woman’s opinion of herself . My number one rule and motto is that beauty comes from within .

My beauty tip : For a daily quick, easy, and beautiful you 1) tinted moisturizer 2)mascara 3) lip gloss 4) studded earrings and  ta da! You’re gorgeous & out the door ! “




Next is Ali.  Ali is getting married soon!  Big changes coming in her life!

Ali says: “In preparation Hair stylist and makeup artist at Salon Bella Flora for my wedding day I’m trying to grow out my “Miley Cyrus” Hair cut. ( btw I did it first… lol) Going for more of the spring look with soft colors and long layers.  (I think that will be gorgeous for a spring wedding!)  Its also important to me to research all the latest trends such as airbrush makeup. Its something I think it’s amazing.  Stays on great and lasts all day. Perfect for that special occasion.

Soft romantic curls are very popular right now. In order to get that special look make sure to pre-set your hair with light hold hair spray, wand tight curls then after spraying those with strong hold spray, comb through gently. Apply a thick winged eye with TiGi blackest black eyeliner for a finished look that really pops.”


Salon Bella Flora Katherine has worked with me most frequently and is an absolute delight!

“The most important thing in my life is my family. I am a total homebody who loves to spend time with my husband just hangin around the house. if i had to describe myself it would be total goofball 🙂 One thing I don’t like to admit (it’s kind of embarrassing) i am addicted to reality TV.

I love my job! It is a Great way to get really creative! I have always loved art and the best part about this career is we get to be artists everyday!

Soft waves (what I like to call mermaid hair) is a great look for Spring. To achieve this style, first you need a smaller curling wand then the waves you desire. Next take medium size sections of hair, spray lightly with hairspray, then wrap the hair around the wand. Once you have finished with all of your hair take a brush and completely brush through it. The end results will be beautiful, effortless looking soft waves.”

Salon Bella Flora is now using all the TIGI products, which are salon only cosmetics.  I (Kathleen) personally have the blush brush and it is such a treat to use it on my face!  Feels like no other blush brush I have ever had!!  I almost want to put on blush just to have it touch my face…hahaha

Any way you look at it, stylists and makeup artists are a real treat to work with.  I know I feel great when they work with me and my clients all love them.  Professional hair and makeup  just put the finishing touches on your portraits.

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Valentine High School Senior Portriats…Palm Harbor Photographer Kathleen Hall

Valentine’s Day!  Its almost here and another wonderful excuse to do a staged session with my senior models!

 I worked with 2 of my Senior Spokesmodels last week to do special shoots in honor of Valentine’s Day…two totally different looks, two different girls and two VERY beautiful sessions!

One of my seniors said to me, “What do you do on Valentine’s day, eat candy?”  Well, I certainly am not opposed to a milk chocolate Dove Bar or even Godiva Chocolate on a special occasion…(a former boyfriend got me hooked on and used to Godiva!) but I have always believed that even though Valentine’s day is traditionally for lovers, it is also a day to show love to all those who have meaning to you in your life.  I routinely send Valentines day cards to my single girlfriends who might be feeling lonely or unappreciated on this day.  And I don’t think I am the only one who does this, because there are an awful lot of cards like that to choose from!  

So if you are unattached this Valentines Day, don’t fret about it.  Take a look around you and see all those that you love and all those that love you! 

My first session was with the beautiful Christina.  We had just finished up her full senior session (that will be featured in another post!), and I asked her if she would like to do the Valentines spot with me.  She jumped at the chance, brought in her red dress and her mom did her hair so beautifully!  Mom is a hairdresser at Key West Hair and just did a great job!

Tarpon Springs High School Senior

Valentines Day session for Tarpon Springs High School Senior

Tarpon Springs High School Senior

Next is the equally gorgeous Kelsey, a senior at Palm Harbor University High School and currently enrolled in the SPC program.  I wanted to really switch up the look to show you another lovely version of beauty.  Her hair and makeup were done at Salon Bella Flora and it looked great!  She has not had her full session done yet, that is still in the planning stage.  I KNOW she will rock that too!

Palm Harbor University High School Senior photo by Kathleen Hall Photography

Palm Harbor University High School Senior in pink in honor of Valentines Day
Palm Harbor Univeersity High School Senior Portraits

Valentines Day portrait session for Palm Harbor University High School Senior by Kathleen Hall Photography

Now if you want to have the best senior portraits in the area AND save a little money…call me this week and book your session.  If you book this week (they don’t have to be taken this week) and pay the session fee to hold your date, you will receive $25.00 off the session fee.  Just tell me the coupon code is “hearts” and you will get the discount.  But you have to call by Friday!!!  Oh, and if you know either of the models, let me know and they will get credit for you booking your session.  Just one of the perks of being a spokesmodel for Kathleen Hall Photography.  (and you get the opportunity to participate in fun, staged concept shoots like these!)

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High School Senior Photography experience…Palm Harbor Photographer

Gabbie, her mom and I went out on location for her shoot late last year and I wanted to share a little about her.  She was a delight to work with!  Gabbie rocked her images!

As we moved from one outfit to the next, she became more comfortable in front of the camera and more confident in herself.

My experience was very exciting to me.  Ms. Kathleen made me feel very comfortable so I was not as nervous has I thought I would be.  I really had fun changing into the different outfits to get a different look that she recommended. Each of the clothing changes that she recommended made me feel like a different person.   The more Kathleen talked to me the more comfortable I got which made a big difference.  I thought it would be very awkward but she made it a lot of fun for me and after seeing the beautiful pictures I am so glad I was given this opportunity.  I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Take a look at  some of our favorites below!

Palm Harbor Senior Photographer

Gabbie shared that her mom was her role model…pretty cool!

Palm Harbor Senior Photographer

Her favorite snack food is mashed potatoes…who knew!!?

Palm Harbor Senior photography   And she is obviously a dancer!  I love these last ones for the variety they provide in her portfolio and the fact that it shows her interests.  I expressed concern over her toe shoes getting dirty in the grass and she said that she can go through a pair of toe shoes every month!!  That’s an awful lot of dancing!

And if you are loving her outfits, she shared her sources!  Her black shirt is from Nordstroms, the black skirt and tan tank are from Urban Outfitters , jeans from American Eagle and the peach dress is from Windsor.  Gabbie brought just the right amount of outfits to give her variety and several different looks.  Oh, and we can’t forget that her hair and makeup were done at Salon Bella Flora.  I can’t stress enough how much of a difference that that will make in the final images.

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